Root Cause Analysis Just Became Easier, Quicker, and More Accurate

On the first day on the job, when an aspiring networks professional learns that upon receiving customer feedback that something was sub-optimal, a root cause analysis is a must.  A problem investigation works out the root cause.  With a discovery of the root cause, analysis determines how to (hopefully) avoid the situation in the future.  Root cause analysis is relatively easy to do on your network infrastructure. Still, when issues have occurred for traffic that was out on the internet, there’s another layer of complexity in determining the problem.

Typically, an organization’s Level 1 operations team will go through a process.  However, that process just gained a new and precious tool.  LynkState provides traffic information, both current and historic, offering the ability to analyze problems in real-time and from any time in the past.  Traffic analysis is added to the mix very quickly.  Thanks to a new level of advanced network monitoring, operations teams have just gained another tool in the arsenal to work out where that problem might be, with insight and data that no other service can provide.

Holding Cloud Providers Accountable:

As more and more services move to cloud providers; cloud dependency has made some things less transparent.  You could isolate issues within your infrastructure, but this isn't easy if your app is in the cloud.  The way you’re doing it now, you likely raise a ticket with AWS, Google, or Microsoft.  Ordinarily, this leads to a Root Cause Analysis report, but frequently that report doesn’t arrive quickly, sometimes until days or even weeks later. They provide nothing resembling real-time cloud network monitoring.

For example, the cloud provider’s answer might be, “We had a fiber cut.  Traffic to Paris to Germany was slow, so our transit provider sent traffic to Africa and back to reach us.”

In addition to taking forever and getting unsatisfying responses, these reports do nothing for you and aren’t always the entire truth.  Transit providers are frequently even slower than the cloud providers, less complete in their analysis, and more evasive about what happened.

Actual Internet Conditions Both Now and in the Past:

The level of internet observability and the resultant application performance metrics required for accurate analysis of what’s going on right now (and also at any specific moment in the past) has never existed before.  With LynkState, you can know:

  • How AWS Germany to AWS France via British Telecom behaves.
  • What latency is from an actual end-user to the various cloud regions (any provider).
  • Performance comparisons between different data centers in any city in the world.
  • Comparison between transit providers on any route worldwide.
  • Any similar data live or from any snapshot in time.

Only LynkState can offer actual end-point to end-point metrics that enable digital experience monitoring, allowing you to evaluate providers and infrastructure investments.

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